WorldWebs News
Maplewood Online adopts the WorldWebs platform or vice versa?

   The WorldWebs platform is currently an evolving work in progress.  


New Features to the Forum:

- Greatly improved Image upload script - tracks the upload process and user has the ability to rotate the image is it doesn't align properly.  Instead of 8 images you can upload up to 20 per post.

- Advanced search returns - Last version was limited to titles and first posts only.

- Email notifications - When someone send you a message or tags you in a post @username - you will get a message.  You can also opt out.

- Blocking categories - you can choose which categories you want to see while browsing the forum.

NOTE to lurkers: We highly encourage you to sign up for an account.  When browsing the site it will keep track of what you have read and haven't read and will show you the # of unread comments in each thread since you have opened it last.  It will then take you directly to the last comment you read.


Posting a Job market and For Sale ad requires one to sign up as well.  Your username will not be visible on the ad - or when replying to ads.  Only the information filled out in the forms will be visible.




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